Journal of Building Chemistry
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Journal of Building Chemistry

The Journal of Building Chemistry (JBCh) is a new international, semi-annual, open access, peer-reviewed and interdisciplinary journal devoted to research on all aspects of the field of building chemistry.

Topics of the Journal:
• chemical modification of concrete, gypsum, lime and wood,
• chemistry of additives and admixtures,
• chemistry of construction polymers,
• corrosion of construction materials (e.g. carbonation process),
• electrochemical reactions in construction materials,
• durability of building materials,
• hydration processes of cements,
• modeling properties of construction materials,
• nanomaterials in civil engineering,
• waste materials in building materials,
• sustainable development of materials,
• repair and protection of concrete structures,
• analysis of the construction materials market,
• case studies in civil engineering.

The Journal is covered by many databases (BazTech, Google Scholar, etc.).

Introduction to the Journal of Building Chemistry (by D. Wiliński).

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